Intention Dice Set

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Item Number: X4010
Quantity Available: 1000
Published: 4/1/2019

Product Description
Intention Dice is the 2020 Silver Winner (Manifestation Products) of the COVR Visionary Awards!

Intention Dice: A Tool for Personal Growth is a set of dice for intention setting, journaling, guided reflection, and divination. With powerful words to stimulate you, motivate you, and set you on a course of spiritual growth and self-discovery, you can use the dice daily—at the office, at home, at school—to inspire change in your life.

How Are Intention Dice Used? Intention dice can be thrown individually or together to set daily intentions, to prompt daily journaling sessions, for therapeutic sessions, in guided meditation, and diviniation. Focus on a single die theme or combine dice to find ways to dive deeper into abundance, love, creativity, strength, and vitality in your life.

What Do the Intention Dice Colors Mean? Each six-sided die has its own theme: Green is for Abundance; Red signifies Love; Yellow draws in Creativity; Purple equals Strength; and Blue represents Health.

Who Are Intention Dice for? Do you want to give focus and intention to more positive energy in your life? Intention dice are for anyone who is looking to shift perspective. They are also perfect for teachers, therapists, workshop leaders, feng shui consultants, and more!

X4010, five, standard six-sided acrylic dice, 19 x 19 x 19 mm