PowerUP Cards
By Paul Hasselbeck

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Item Number: X2061

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Product Description
PowerUp! is a unique deck of inspirational learning cards designed to help you understand the Twelve Powers and use them to master the art of living a more spiritual life.

You have within you twelve incredible Powers, which can be developed and called upon to empower and transform your life. Each Power is associated with a color, and brings its own special Ability, which can be used from your ego/personality, or from your elevated consciousness.

With a simple flip, the case transforms into a mini-easel, making it perfect to display as a learning tool, or for inspiration the entire day!

X2061, 4.75 x 5.5 inches, $14.95

Please note that you can also purchase a set, containing the PowerUp Cards (X2061) and PowerUp Book (B0095) for a savings of $3.00! The set is item P0095 PowerUP Set
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