In the Flow of Life
By Eric Butterworth

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Published: 3/1/1999
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 178

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In the Flow of Life

Life is a flowing experience, and within every person is an inlet that may become an outlet to all there is in God.

The inlet and outlet of the infinite flow of God are within you. With extraordinary clarity, Eric Butterworth reveals life transforming spiritual principles to keep you in the flow.

Getting in the flow of life allows you to:
∙ Live life from within-out
∙ Heal yourself by altering your consciousness
∙ Receive the wealth of the universe
∙ Find guidance for every need
∙ Find the good in seemingly hopeless situations
∙ Grow onward rather than grow older
∙ Let go of your anxieties about death

In the Flow of Life calls you to live from the exhilarating and empowering realization that you are the expression of God flowing forth into our world. Living in the flow of God will change your life forever!

Eric Butterworth, a Unity minister, is the author of hundreds of essays, articles, and numerous best-selling books including Spiritual Economics, Discover the Power Within You, and The Universe Is Calling.