Blissful Stillness: Inspirational Guided Meditations
By Paulette Pipe

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Published: 3/12/2015
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Product Description
Blissful Stillness, the third album in the "Stillness" Trilogy, is everything - and more - that we've come to expect from a meditation CD by Paulette Pipe. The mystical healing quality of her alchemic voice reverberates through each of its four distinctive guided meditations, which include two of her signature-style inspirational meditations, a Zazen breathing meditation, and a mudra (hand-positions) meditation, to gently guide the listener into exquisite moments of blissful stillness and centered peace.

Featuring bonus song Blissful Stillness by Kathy Zavada and an original musical score and bonus song, "Embrace the Stillness," by Kelley Hunt.

REV. PAULETTE PIPE is best known as the host of "Touching the Stillness," a beloved prayer and meditation radio program on Unity Online Radio (, and for her distinctive intuitive gift of leading extemporaneous meditations that stir the soul. For more information go to

KELLEY HUNT is a singer/songwriter with a rich, full-bodied voice that always strikes the perfect medium of expression for whatever genre she chooses to sing, be it Blues, R&B or Jazz. For more information about Kelley go to

CD, 77 minutes