Sacred Elements of Prosperous Living

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Published: 3/31/2010
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Sacred Elements of Prosperous Living: The Experience of Silent Unity

Silent Unity often prays with people who desire to live a more prosperous life.

From our 120 years of prayer experience, learn the sacred elements to living an abundant life, which Jesus spoke about. Uncover the three-step process that can pave the way to prosperous living. Learn to practice a trinity of gratitude that can open the heart to become a magnet for greater good. Realize the essence of sacred service--both being and doing, and discover the gift of sharing your time, treasure and talents with others.

May these spiritual principles, practices and tools guide and inspire you on your path of prosperous living.

  • Cultivating the Field of Consciousness - Rev. Tom Thorpe
  • Living in an Attitude of Gratitude - Rev. Claudell County
  • Expressions of Sacred Service - Rev. Therese Donlan Lee

  • CD, 53:49 minutes