Let Go, Let God CD
By Wally Amos

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Published: 11/1/2007
Copyright: 1998
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Product Description
Let Go, Let God: 31 Inspirational Messages From Daily Word

Listen to the always honest and uplifting Mr. Amos. He has been blessed, renewed, and healed in every situation in which he has turned over the outcome to God. On this program, Amos inspires us to trust God to know what is needed most in our lives by sharing thirty-one "Let Go, Let God" messages from Daily Word magazine.

Wally Amos became world-famous when he founded The Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Company, which fathered the gourmet chocolate-chip cookie industry in 1975. He has since used his fame to support educational causes. Since 1979 he has been national spokesman for Literacy Volunteers of America. He has written several books, has acted in a number of network sitcoms, and has appeared on hundreds of interview talk shows. He gives lectures to corporations, associations, and universities. His fame is grounded in quality; substance; and a unique, positive mental attitude.