I Believe in Me
By Connie Bowen

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Published: 8/1/2005
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 64
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Product Description
A Book of Affirmations

Winner—National ATHENA Award for Book-as-Mentor—Spirituality

I Believe in Me is a book of affirmations for children. However, don‘t be surprised if you want a copy for your own bedside table. Bright, entrancing, and inclusive, this 64-page book pairs illustrations with affirmations to create a refuge to return to again and again at storytime or bedtime.

I Believe in Me affirms the messages of innate power, beauty, peace, and love for any child and every child—and perhaps most meaningfully, for our own inner children.

“Affirmations are not true just because we say them. We say them because they are true!”
—Editor Michael A. Maday


Who Will Love This Book
Any parent, teacher, grandparent, social worker, or person looking for positive messages for children of any age will find this mindful book full of inspired imagery a go-to tool for their bookshelf.

Children will ask again and again to see the gorgeously painted animals, characters, and angels.

What’s Inside the Cover
Twenty-seven affirmations to reflect on and feel within you, including: I am powerful, I am free to be me, I share my love and watch it grow, and My dreams are coming true.

Each positive affirmation is paired with stunning and emotive full-color drawings for any child to love—including the child within all of us. With space in the back of the book to create your own affirmations and illustrations.

“When students arrive at our classes, they can hardly hold their heads up. Your book helps them walk out of here with heads held high.”
—Kathy Dawson, Executive Director
Literacy KC, Kansas City, Missouri

About the Author/Artist
Connie Bowen has always loved to draw, majoring in art at Washington State University. I Believe in Me was her first book, inspired by her son Matthew. It is the winner of the National ATHENA Award for book-as-mentor in the category of spirituality. Bowen was a court reporter before pursuing her art career full time. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Mike and son. For more, visit conniebowen.com.

Also available in e-book format.

Softcover, 64 pp.