The Universe is Calling
By Eric Butterworth

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The Universe is Calling: Opening to the Divine Through Prayer

"[Eric Butterworth] has helped me to live more abundantly, and he can help you to live more abundantly, too." -- Dr. Maya Angelou

The Universe is Calling addresses the growing need for understanding and clarity regarding the function and nature of prayer. Taking the problems with traditional prayer to their roots, Eric Butterworth asserts that our fundamental concept of God must change before we can experience true connection with the divine. Instead of prayer to an imperialistic and remote God, Butterworth encourages praying from the shared consciousness of God. He outlines principles that enable entrance into the stream of God-consciousness, and offers techniques that act as universal guidelines for both interpersonal communication and spiritual living.

Eric Butterworth (1916-2003), often referred to as a "twentieth-century Emerson," is considered a legend and spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. A visionary and an innovator, he originated the Spiritual Therapy Workshops. The author of sixteen bestselling books on metaphysical spirituality, a gifted theologian, philosopher, and lecturer, Butterworth was a highly respected New Age pioneer and innovator of New Thought, whose life was dedicated to helping people to help themselves. A pioneer radio broadcaster, he can still be heard in recordings of his daily inspirational messages online at

Softcover, 178 pp.