Good Questions
By Thomas Shepherd

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Published: 1/15/2009
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Answering Letters From The Edge Of Doubt

No topic is off limits for the wise and witty Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd as he takes on some of faith's thorniest issues. In his own words, “Good Questions represents questions (not always friendly) and answers (not always “correct”) drawn from more than 15 years of accumulated letters, notes and e-mails delivered to my Q&A column at Unity Magazine®.”

As a columnist, Dr. Tom has become known for getting to the heart of the matter with a surgical command of the facts, a disarming dose of humor and an unbridled passion for truth. He engages creatively with his readers, prompting them to think critically about their lives, their relationships and the Divine within. Dr. Tom doesn't hold back as he creatively engages with readers in answering their questions about personal tragedy, God, evil, religion, the Bible, prayer, healing, forgiveness and death. He also tackles questions about homosexuality, bigotry and violence. But his goal is to help his readers think more critically and spiritually about their lives. As he asserts, “Heart and head must work together, for disparaging either will condemn humanity to fanaticism or ignorance.”

Thomas Shepherd, D.Min., teaches systematic and metaphysical theology, church history and theological ethics at Unity Institute®, the education arm of Unity School of Christianity headquartered at Unity Village, Missouri. Best known for his popular column “That's a Good Question” in Unity Magazine, Shepherd is also host of an online radio talk show on Unity.FM called Let's Talk About It. His books include Friends in High Places and Glimpses of Truth. An ordained Unity minister, Shepherd received his Doctor of Ministry degree from St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri in 2009.

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