Native Soul: Unlocking your Life's Potential
By J Douglas Bottorff

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Published: 4/18/2011
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Product Description
Unlocking Your Life's Potential

The mantra of many self-help books is "change your thinking, change your life." However, negative self-talk and mindless chatter stem from a skewed self-image. Native Soul goes a step deeper, gently encouraging awareness of your true essence.

In reality, you are much more than a body. You are a perfect expression of God, or Spirit. Your Native Soul is your connection to Spirit--your innate strength and wholeness. Spirit cannot give you any more than you already have. Nor can you diminish your Native Soul's perfection, no matter what you do or have done. Like Spirit, it is and always will be complete.

Do you want more from life? Learn to tap into your Native Soul and experience the blissful satisfaction that is inherently yours to claim.

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Softcover, 161 pages