Unity: A Quest for Truth
By Eric Butterworth

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Published: 10/1/2005
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"Unity today is dedicated to the open mind, to the continuous quest for Truth. It seeks not to tell you what to think, how to define God, what creeds to accept. Unity seeks only to teach you how to think, how to pray--so that you can formulate your own definition of God, experience your own communion with God, and find your own distinctly personal revelation of Truth."

Eric Butterworth introduces the Unity movement--a present-day faith that corresponds with present-day needs. He challenges traditional religion to recognize and teach:

"God is not only the God of History ... God is also the God of today."

"The Supreme Power of the universe is not locked in ancient Scriptures but is alive in the world now."

"Revelation is not a special dispensation of God but a quality of Divine Mind and a faculty of our minds."

"What God is revealing to us today may be more important than what God said to us yesterday."

If you are on a spiritual quest for a greater understanding of God and desire a happy, joyous life through practicing practical Christian principles, then this book is for you.

Eric Butterworth is the author of hundreds of essays, articles, and numerous best-selling books including Discover the Power Within You, The Universe is Calling, and Spiritual Economics. He is a Unity minister and is recognized as one of the top religious leaders in America.

Now available in e-book format.

Softcover, 94 pp.
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