Jesus 2.1: An Upgrade for the 21st Century
By Thomas Shepherd

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Published: 8/9/2010
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Product Description
An Upgrade for the 21st Century

Every generation throughout history has rethought, reshaped and reinvented Jesus to meet the needs of the times. This successive remaking of Jesus, Dr. Thomas Shepherd asserts, is a sign of a healthy, positive course of intellectual and spiritual growth critical to understanding Christian-based faith.

In his sharply witty style, and founded on a decade of research, Dr. Tom takes a solid whack at more than a few human concepts of Jesus handed down through history in an attempt to topple culturally biased, often bigoted, images of the man behind the myth.

Recognizing Jesus as an important meeting place for a discussion about values, and with evident love and respect, Dr. Tom affirms that it's time for our generation to reshape Jesus into a more interactive version. To put it in today's technological terms, the Jesus 2.1 upgrade will reinstall the Jesus Christ operating system, quarantine remnants of culturally induced viruses, and install a revised imago Dei, which will make it easier to toggle the image of God in the consciousness of all human beings.

Now available in e-book format.

Softcover, 250 pp.