DAILYWORD Prosperity
By Colleen Zuck

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Published: 1/15/2009
Copyright: 2008
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Product Description
Build a prosperity consciousness with this 90-day program from the publishers of Daily Word magazine. DAILY WORD Prosperity provides the reader with tips and tools for claiming and owning abundance in finances, health, and relationships.

With chapters such as Change, Employment, Finances, Health and Wellness, and more, you will ...

  • Discover how to take a spiritual approach to being prosperous.

  • Learn spiritual jump starts that provide a rich source of inspiration and motivation.

  • Develop an awareness of and receptivity to the blessings that are there for you.

  • As editors and writers for Daily Word magazine, Colleen Zuck, Patricia Tinney, and Laura Harvey are dedicated to continuing the Daily Word tradition of inspiring thousands of readers with words of faith and hope.

    Now available in e-book format.

    Softcover, 256 pp.